Friday, May 09, 2008


On Thursday, Callie and I were out on our morning walk and I thought the birds sounded pretty cool. So I took this video to capture the sound of their songs. If you look closely, you may be able to see Callie milling about.

The video lost some of its quality in compression, but the audio is the point, so it's not a big deal.


  1. That was nice. It's raining and cool here today and I'm not outside to hear the birdsong, so I doubly appreciated your video and audio. I should play this during the winter.

  2. I could hear the birds. I could see Callie. I truly felt I was walking along...Thank you!

    Having a problem with word verification...

  3. wow! there really is nothing like the "silence" of the countryside. and the vines, how strange they look. i am reading graham robb's excellent book, The Discovery of France, and i think it is he who says the trees on the roadsides are pollarded in france (the vine stumps reminded me of this) because at some point the king said people could no longer log his forests for cooking and winter fuel. so the frenchies planted trees and logged their branches -- without killing the tree. interesting.
    aaaaaaaaaanyway, thanks again for a great listen and a good glimpse of the pretty grrrl.

  4. louise, I'm sure it'll rain here before too long. It's been nice for about a week.

    claudia, sorry about word verification. Sometimes the letters are just too weird to make out. If I hear about more problems I'll have to make a decision.

    purejuice, I didn't know that history of the pollarded trees! Amazing!


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