Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Progress In The Kitchen

We're pretty much done. The walls took three coats, due to some patching that was showing through. Thankfully, we overbought and had plenty of paint.

Above, the stove hood with the prime coat on it.
Below, after painting.

These photos were taken before we removed the painting tape and before we moved back into the kitchen. I kind of like the blue tape. Hmmm...

Above, the upper cabinet wall primed.
Below, the upper cabinet wall painted.

We're still working on the cabinet doors, and the two room doors need to be done, but they are lower in priority. We also need to finish the wall beneath the kitchen window. That's where the radiator is and we need to shut the heating system down and drain it before we can remove the radiator. We'll do that this summer.

For post move-in photos, take a look at Ken's blog here.


  1. Stunning choice of color! I looked at Ken's blog and the kitchen it is so charming! The yellow, particularly, goes well with your carrelage. Bonne continuation.

  2. You guys did a terrific job! How about hopping over to Carmel. We have lots of walls. Love the color.

  3. Thanks, everyone! We're enjoying the move-back-in process.

  4. You guys have been busy!
    It will feel so good when it's all done!


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