Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oléron : The Bourg

Our gîte was located in a very small village on the Atlantic side of the island called la Menounière. There are many vacation homes and rentals in the center of the bourg, which was where we were.

A smartly painted gate.

We had a quick walk to the beach in one direction and a quick walk out of town to the fields where grapes are grown in the other. Since it's still early in the season, there weren't many people around and most of the houses were still closed up tight.

This house is obviously well-tended.

We did see some people, of course, including some neighbors a few doors down the street. Every morning a woman drove by delivering bread since there is no bakery in the bourg. There is a farmers market in the main square, but only in the summer months, so we had to drive into a neighboring town for supplies.

A garage door.

Some people were out painting or otherwise preparing their houses for summer. Others took leisurely walks or rode bikes, many past our kitchen window. And some, like us, sat out in the sun with a glass of something soaking it all in.

Bright flowers were blooming all over the island.

I had Callie with me on most of my walks through town and I usually didn't take the camera with me. But I probably should have. You dog owners out there know that it's not easy to take pictures with a dog on a leash. At home we walk off-leash, so it's much easier.

The entrance to a small motel.

In addition to the individual houses, there were a few resort-like places that were basically little compounds with cabins or suites available to guests, and sometimes a pool. There was one restaurant in our bourg, but we didn't try it.

I wonder who lives at number thirteen?


  1. Walt, I hope you're feeling okay today. Your photos of l'Ile d'Oleron are very evocative and the light is wonderful.

  2. louise, thanks for the well wishes. I have a sore upper lip but that's all. ;O


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