Thursday, May 01, 2008

Periodic Puppy Pics

Callie is learning to enjoy sitting on the deck. As the weather warms, we can leave the door open a bit and she comes in and out at will. She likes that, and has taken to stretching out in the sun in the mornings. With the door open, she can hear us indoors and feels safe.

What's that noise over there?

No, wait, it's coming from over there.

Oh, never mind. The humans can deal with it.
I'm resting.

By the way, happy May Day! Today is a national holiday here in France. Labor Day and Ascension Day. It's the start of a four-day weekend for a lot of people. And the weather forecast for the weekend is good!

There will be another four-day weekend next week since Thursday the eighth is V-E Day. It could be a fiver when you consider that Sunday the eleventh is Pentecost and Monday is traditionally a day off as well.


  1. Callie is such a friend. Unlike your tempting but unavailable scones, she always looks willing to jump from the screen and keep me company for a while. Did you notice those eyes on the third photo? She misses nothing...

  2. Is Callie guarding your scone recipe, Walt? :-)


  3. claudia, I sure did notice her eyes, and you're right, nothing gets by her!

    Bettyann, not any more!

  4. I actually see a resemblance in the looks in Callie's eyes in photo #3 to the look that Ken is known to give you from time to time. She is a quick learner!

  5. Callie is just lovely!
    Great photos.
    I also love you photo of the spigot. Too bad it's in Souillac and not in your area!

  6. cheryl, I think Ken learned it from Collette.

    claude, we saw that spigot back in 2006 on our trip to the Dordogne.


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