Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Patching The Kitchen

Ok, so this is what's going on right now. There are multitudinous cracks in the ceiling and walls of the kitchen. Some are due to water infiltration, a problem that has now been fixed. Others are due to the fact that the walls are finished with plaster and plaster cracks over long periods of time. Still others are due to, well, I don't really know. Something.

The hood above the stove is pretty ok,
but the walls and ceiling around it are not.

So, I've been spending time scraping and gouging out the fissures, cleaning them with a damp cloth, then puttying them with a special fissure-putty, available at our local Bricomarché. Some of the fissures I've had to putty twice, since the special fissure-putty has a tendency to shrink when it dries.

Ceiling and wall fissures around the cabinets.

I should be pretty much done with this step now. Next up: the sanding. Every centimeter of the walls and ceiling needs to be sanded smooth, or rough, depending on whether it's been puttied or if it's just old paint. This will prepare it for the primer.

Ken has been working his butt off outdoors, and we are already really happy with the result.


  1. I'm very good at sanding but, admiring what you have done so far, I trust you with the job.

    I'm quite busy at home, looking in my mirror and trying de réparer des âges l'irréparable outrage...

    Bonne chance!

  2. claudia, I think we can handle it, but if you really want to help, we won't say no! ;)


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