Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our Paris Apartment

My friend Cheryl rented this cool little apartment in Paris for a week. I've spent three nights with her here and will be heading back to Saint-Aignan later on Saturday. Ken's coming up for a few nights after me.

The living room level seen from the kitchen/dining level a couple steps up.
That's Roland Garros tennis on the t.v.!

It's a nice one-bedroom in a two-level building that sits wholly inside the courtyard of another building. These places used to be garages or ateliers (workshops), I think, but they've long ago been converted to lofts and artist studios.

The dining area on the kitchen level.

Ours has been renovated fairly recently and is quite comfortable. There's positively no street noise, which is great in this bustling Bastille neighborhood.

Oh, did I mention we had some wine?

There's nothing but a closet and a wc on the ground level. From there you go up about five steps to the living area. The sofa converts to a single bed (where I'm sleeping). Two more steps up from there is the kitchen which is fairly big with lots of storage and concrete countertops.

The bedroom is below the kitchen, and mostly below ground level. That's made it very cool in this warm weather we're having now. The shower room is down there, too.


  1. What a nice apartment! Well done, Cheryl.

  2. chris, it was very nice and comfy, and quiet for such a raucous neighborhood.

  3. wait a minute - those bottles are still full - you must have just come home from the store......the apartment looks really nice
    Candy (a Nouvelle Orleans)


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