Monday, June 02, 2008

La Bastille

While in Paris, I stayed at the apartment that my friend Cheryl had rented. It was very close to the Place de la Bastille. A deux pas, as they say.

La Colonne de la Bastille on a sunny day in May.

This photo is a typical view of what's called la Colonne de la Bastille Juillet, the memorial to the revolutionaries of 1789 fallen during les Trois Glorieuses of 1830. That was a three day mini revolution that erupted when king Charles X tried to consolidate his power and restore the privileges of the aristocracy. His actions, resisted and rejected by parliament, culminated in a general uprising and he was chased from Paris. At that point, Charles' cousin Louis-Philippe of the house of Orléans was declared King of the French People and the constitutional monarchy was re-installed.

It's a very cool place.


  1. Good morning Walter.
    I'm sorry to contradict you but the Colonne de la Bastille is also known as Colonne de Juillet and the statue on top of it is known as le Génie de la Bastille, and here is why:

    Here is an extract from:

    "In the middle of Place de la Bastille, the Colonne de Juillet was erected at the behest of King Louis-Philippe to commemorate the fallen during the Trois Glorieuses of July, 1830 (the Three Glorious Days). The bodies of the casualties are interred in the base of the column. It is topped with a gilded bronze statue representing the Génie de la Liberté (the Spirit of Liberty) created by Auguste Dumont whom one also has to thank for the statue of Emperor Napoleon in Place Vendôme. The column replaces the model of the Bastille elephant, which was there previously, but whose construction could never be completed due to lack of funds."

  2. chm, I stand corrected. That'll teach me to hastily post without doing the usual research! Ouf!

  3. The neat thing about la colonne is there is a stone from the Bastille prison--about all that remained. Looks like a lovely day in Paris to stroll through the neighborhood! Apres la pluie, le bon temps.

  4. My mother (Claudia) wishes me to tell you that she enjoyed your Eiffel Towers collection while you were away. She cannot visit presently but will return in a few weeks.

  5. The most dangerous "revolution" there nowadays is the traffic roaring around the central column. My favourite part of Paris, but you take your life in your hands trying to cross the road....

  6. rachael, couldn't complain about the weather! Except maybe during a certain tennis match...

    martin, thanks! I certainly enjoy claudia's comments and look forward to her return.

    autolycus, be brave! I think I've done it once behind the wheel, and lived to tell about it.

  7. I had totally forgotten about the Colonne de Juillet bit.
    Really an episode I don't know much about;


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