Monday, June 09, 2008

A Walk In The Tuileries

The Tuileries gardens lie along the Seine between the Louvre and Place de la Concorde. It's been many years since I've strolled in this place, mainly because while in Paris I'm usually doing one thing or another and not taking time to stroll.

"Maman," by Louise Bourgeois, 1999.
Watch out!

But this time I wanted to see the giant spider sculpture that Claude, from Blogging in Paris, posted a few months back. And since it was a brilliant day, strolling seemed like the thing to do.

Richard Serra's steel sculpture called "Clara Clara" is installed at the western end of the gardens. The figures in the marble statue seem quite curious.

I really enjoyed the more modern sculptures that are taking their place alongside the classical statues in the garden. The contrast is terrific.

A view up the Champs Elysées.

And, of course, the vistas you get in the garden are spectacular.

The Louvre's Pavillon de Flore.

The warm weather and our vigorous strolling made us thirsty, so Cheryl and I stopped at a café in the gardens for a refreshing cold white wine. That really hit the spot!

Yours truly striking a dorky pose with white wine.


  1. Louise Bourgeois is a very remarkable woman, isn't she?

  2. How long has Maman been in Paris, and is it a permanent installation? I hope, I hope, said she who has not yet seen it in person.


  3. An inspired pic of joie de vivre!

  4. susan, do you know any of her other works?

    bettyann, the little sign said it was part of a retrospective of her work at the Pompidou Center from 5 March to 2 June. I don't know if the spider will stay or not - I saw it on 30 May.

    jayne, me or the spider? ;)

  5. Love your photos,'love Kens.
    As I told Ken, the two of you should do a book.

  6. mimi, thanks! Not sure about the book thing... that sounds like work! ;)


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