Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Periodic Puppy Pics

At the risk of being too frequent with the Callie photos, I offer this one. She was playing with Ken and the hose. He was using the hose to wash a rug on a recent hot day. Callie loves the hose.

Are you laughing at me?

I took a movie of her snapping at the water as it came out of the hose. I'll get that processed and up here before too long.

I thought I had killed the dog on Monday. Callie has this annoying habit of opening the lid on the kitchen garbage can and nosing around for goodies inside. We have resorted to putting a large rock on top of the lid so she can't get it open. Not elegant, but it works.

It works, that is, if you remember to put the rock on top. Often, when working in the kitchen, I just leave the rock on the floor so that I don't have to keep taking it off when I want to toss something into the can. I forgot to replace it Monday morning.

While at the computer, I heard a noise in the kitchen. I got up to look and, sure enough, Callie was in the garbage can. I looked in to see what she was looking for and noticed that I didn't see the used coffee filter full of grounds that I had tossed in there earlier.

I panicked. I assumed that Callie had eaten the filter and the grounds and that she was going to die from a caffeine overdose. I grabbed her and took her outside and shoved my fingers down her throat in an attempt to make her throw up. I stuffed a handful of grass in her mouth which she just spit out (eating grass makes her vomit).

All the while she had this bizarre look on her face. What is this crazy man doing?? I was nearly in tears thinking she'd die - Ken was in Paris with the car and I had no way to take her to the vet.

She sat down for a nap and I paced around. Then I did what I should have done at first: I thought about what was happening. I looked in the kitchen and noticed that the floor around the garbage can was spotless. No bits of filter, no stray coffee grounds. I looked into the dog's mouth and saw no traces of coffee grounds between her teeth. I looked back inside the garbage can and noticed that there was a coffee filter pressed down into the other stuff in there.

Callie had pushed the filter down into the garbage while nosing around for something else. She didn't eat the coffee! She was going to live! Then I thought, I just had my fingers down my dog's throat trying to get her to barf. I'm going to kill her!

Well, I didn't, and we all lived happily ever after.


  1. Oh dear! Your poor dog! He must think you're off your tree now, lol. He's probably thinking 'what did I do wrong!'. Or maybe he thinks it's punishment for his garbage perusal so he won't do it again? Could have a positive effect in that regard. I'm glad he's okay!

    Cute picture, I used to love it when my dog was trying to eat the water coming out of the house, he looked so funny.

  2. Another adventure to add to your Callie collection! I'm glad nothing bad happened when you were carless.

    Callie does look cute when she's been hosed.

  3. Oh my! You must have been so frantic! Cute Callie must have been wondering what on earth you were doing :))) Glad it turned out fine!


  4. look at the pwetty grrl! looking at the cwazy daddy!

  5. It's not often I really laugh when reading something (and it wouldn't be funny if the story didn't start with a happy ending). But I can totally see myself with my fingers down the dog's throat, heart in my own.

  6. le tigre, oh, it would be terrific if she decided not to go into the garbage can anymore... I hadn't thought of that.

    evelyn, she's still retaining a few of those puppy habits!

    judy, all's well that ends well... I think.

    pj, cwazy daddy, indeed!

    syd, just another day in dogland!

  7. You might find success by arranging things that will be triggered by her nosing the lid open - loud, noisy, clanging things.

    It wouldn't take too many times before she'd decide she didn't like that.

  8. you took a movie of her playing with the hose - and DIDN'T take a movie of you trying to make a dog barf by putting your fingers down it's throat?

    I know which one I would rather watch........

  9. syd, that's a good idea!

    simon, I guess in my slight panic I forgot to get out the camera and the tripod. Maybe next time! ;)

  10. One of the seeing eye puppies we raised had a penchant for countertop food. Turn your back for a second, whatever was there was gone. Until the habenero.

    I laughed a lot at that one, too. He barked at the pepper for about 15 minutes - and never stole again.

    Anyway - the crash/bang garbage pail technique is tried and true. The trick is arranging the stuff so that it doesn't stop her from getting in the trash - otherwise you've replaced the cumbersome rock with more cumbersome crash/bang stuff.


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