Saturday, June 21, 2008

Views From The Lighthouse

Here are a few of the great views we had from the lighthouse at Chassiron. There's really not much to say except to enjoy the view!

Looking back toward the east and the parking lot.

Sort of easterly, the sound with the mainland in the background.
That's Fort Boyard on the right in the distance.

The shadow of the lighthouse.
The gardens below traced the four cardinal points.

Looking west, toward New York, and the waves coming in.

The top of a modern tower, just adjacent to the light.


  1. Great photos, comme d'habitude! Good to know that Callie has beaucoup de frisbees...

  2. cheryl, merci! She's only got one frisbee left. After that she's back to sticks.

  3. The photo with the shadow of the lighthouse is really impressive!

  4. What a great garden under the lighthouse. And the new lighthouse does look a bit like they weren't really trying, doesn't it - so insubstantial compared to the old one!


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