Sunday, June 15, 2008

Periodic Puppy Pics

This is from a few weeks ago when we were on the Ile d'Oléron with our friend Cheryl. Callie enjoyed the beach, and we walked on the beach twice a day.

Callie à la plage.

This might be too much information, but she decided that the best place to "do her business" was right where the sand met the water. I figured that the tide took care of everything, and there were not really any people sunbathing or anything, so it was o.k.

The Paris photos are done for now. I'm going to spend the next few posts on our May trip to the island. Get your straw hats and sandals ready!


  1. Callie does not look like the happy pup that she actually was. Maybe she just doesn't like having her photo taken. Tant pis. J'en ai beaucoup!

  2. Hey Callie - woof to you too :-)


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