Monday, June 16, 2008

Seen On The Beach

During our beach walks we saw lots of things along the sand. Sometimes the tide was high, sometimes it was low.

A jellyfish.

During low tide Callie liked to chase the birds out into the surf. She'd come back all wet and salty. Once she caught a wave and body surfed back to shore. That was a sight to see.

A snail shell.

These are some of the things we saw while walking along the shore. Some are natural, some are the left-overs from people's activities. Whatever it was, it was mostly pretty. And not the stuff we're used to seeing in our little vineyard back home.

An interesting rock.

We really enjoyed our walks on the beach. Callie was a bit leery at first, since she didn't really know where she was. But she quickly understood that on each walk we ended up at the beach where she could run off leash.

Une bouteille à la mer?
I didn't see a message inside...


  1. I loved these photos, Walt!


  2. bettyann, many thanks! I'm glad you liked the Marie Antoinette exhibit! Cheryl said she had heard about it from you!

  3. Yes, the photos are fantastic! I'm very sorry that {my) sleep trumped the beach!


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