Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Tennis Continues

Even though I'm no longer in Paris, I'm still watching French Open tennis every day! To keep you in the ambiance, I'm supplying some more photos from last Thursday when I was there.

A view of Court Philippe Chatrier (Center Court) from the Allée Marcel Bernard just before play begins for the day.

The atmosphere at the tournament is electric. I suppose it's the same for the other three Grand Slam events, but I haven't been to any of those. I have been to the Bank of the West Classic women's tournament in California, but the atmosphere on the grounds is very different.

Inside Court Philippe Chatrier as Venus Williams begins her match.
Venus was not to make into the second week.

I suppose it's because Paris, like New York, London, and Melbourne (the other three Grand Slam cities), is a very special place and people are happy to be there. Or it could just be the red clay dust in the air!

The platform where France Télévisions' commentators work during the tournament.

Roland Garros (that's the name of the tennis complex in Paris) doesn't have lights or night matches. That's probably because it stays light until nearly 10:30 pm this time of year in Paris. Lights are unnecessary. The park and the courts are very intimate and you feel very close to the action.

The place is also full of my favorite colors: green, teal, and terra cotta. Ok, maybe that's too much information...


  1. I enjoy hearing about tennis. I've been to Wimbledon once and agree that electricity is in the air at Grand Slam events.

    Years ago we lived near Hilton Head and I went to several Family Circle Women's tournaments at Sea Pines Plantation. The atmosphere there was intimate- the players would walk right passed you.

    That was where I saw two little girls warming up with some pros. They were about ten and twelve years old and really good. I talked to their dad who said their names were Venus and Serena...They have come a long way.

    That women's tournament has moved to Charleston now and may be called the Virginia Slims. I can't remember.

  2. Hi Walt :)
    I am amazed at how late it stays light in France in the summer! I guess I hadn't really been there during the summer until I went with my sister in July in 2000...we were waiting for a train to take us back to Paris from somewhere and it was almost 10:00 and I was amazed at how light it still was!

    I mentioned to Ken that the pictures of your kitchen are great! You two did an amazing job.

    I have been reading your blogs every day and following along with your renovations, your outside mowing, and your eating, and your trips :))

    Hey, Ken mentioned that you had heard somewhat recently from Bob P. (from our Alma year). What is he up to?


  3. evelyn, wow, you knew them when!

    judy, thanks! Bob didn't say much in his message, and I haven't heard from him again. I'll give it another try!


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