Sunday, June 22, 2008

Island Life

My favorite activity while staying on the island was, of course, just hanging out. I put my feet up whenever I could and enjoyed doing nothing.

Here I am with my feet up, enjoying the easy life.

We had many sunny days and I just sat out in our little courtyard soaking it in. Unless, of course, I was able to soak it in on the terrace of a restaurant. What a life!

The view of the inlet from our table at l'Albatros,
a great restaurant on the island.

And many thanks to Cheryl, who treated us to a fine seafood meal as we watched the tide roll in from our table!


  1. I cannot believe you took a picture of your feet. Gotta say, not one of your best... photos, that is. It was a great time. I ate more oysters that week than I have in my life. Eat, drink, relax... what a nice life!

  2. Looks amazing...I'm going to go start planning a holiday have very nice small feet by the way...

  3. Oh man! What a setting for a restaurant! I'm absolutely aching for an experience like that :)


  4. "I ate more oysters that week than I have in my life."

    Now that is my kind of place!!


  5. Looks wonderful! I wish I had been there!

  6. cheryl, believe it!

    le tigre, what can I say? I'm a little guy...

    judy, it's only a ten-hour plane ride and four hours in a car away!

    bettyann, and the oysters were good, too!

    claude, you would really have liked it, I'm sure!


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