Friday, June 27, 2008


One day during our stay on the Ile d'Oléron in May, we ventured over to the sound-side of the island to see the big oyster ponds and a couple of the small towns over there. Our first stop was a small beach and port town called Boyardville.

The sign for one of the tour companies that sails people around Fort Boyard and the island of Aix.

The town was named after the old fort in the channel called Fort Boyard, built on a sand bank during the early 19th century to protect a mainland arsenal from the English. The oval fort is quite an impressive sight as its sheer walls rise right up out of the water. It was renovated in 1989 and has since been the site of a popular French reality/game t.v. show.

Fort Boyard in the channel.

We parked our car and took a walk, with Callie, around the small port and out onto the beach. There were quite a few people out strolling, boarding tour boats, and sunbathing. It was a very pretty day.

Pleasure boats in the port at Boyardville.

Cheryl decided to forgo the beach walk in favor of doing a little shopping in town. So Ken and I walked the dog out to the beach and back, then we met up with Cheryl again and headed south toward the oyster ponds.

Self portrait with bike and masts.


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