Saturday, May 24, 2008

Periodic Puppy Pics

Here's Mademoiselle Chose looking slightly guilty on the deck:

What did I do?

Actually, she hadn't done anything. This is just one of her standard looks.


  1. Do you know about blue dog? We once stopped at the blue dog cafe in Louisiana and saw some photos that look like these Callie has a blue dog coloring with eyes to match.

    I love the blue dog.

    Bonne route!

  2. Welcome home!

    So happy you had a nice time with good weather. I've been checking Tours weather and it looks like high 60's and some rain for the next week.

    See you soon,

  3. Your dog is cute!

    Now, I have heard about the periodic table, but what is a periodic puppy?


  4. it's a goonybird look.
    did she have a good time at the beach?

  5. How did Miss Callie do on the 5 hour car ride?

    Has she forgiven you yet?


  6. justin, and she knows it, too!

    evelyn, not sure I know about the blue dog. I'll definitely take a look.

    bettyann, à bientôt!

    kyh, fer sure!

    lif, you've never heard of puppilonium? ;)

    purejuice, yes, she really enjoyed the beach, and the water!

    candy, she did alright, but not great. She was so happy to get home!


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