Thursday, May 29, 2008

Postcard From Paris

Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here.

A train leaves the Bastille métro station.


  1. Glad to hear of a dry Wednesday for you in Paris.
    I hope you get to see some good tennis today.

    About your attic stairs- Lewis installed some for us. He was able to buy a set at Lowe's. Our daughter, Cathy has some old ones like yours that we need to replace before they attack her like yours did.

  2. evelyn, the tennis was good. Best of luck with Cathy's stairs!

  3. I love the métro pic! I didn't even think of taking métro shots when I was in Paris last month. We were in teh 11me, which I loved, and were in the same station many times!

  4. betty, the 11th is a place I'd like to get to know better. Sometimes the last thing you're thinking about in the métro is taking photos. Make that most times! ;)


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