Friday, December 05, 2008

The December Vineyard

As I said, I took the camera out for the first time in a while on Wednesday during an uncharacteristic break in the clouds. I'm going to milk that moment for my next few posts, so bear with me.

Almost sunset, around 4 pm on Wednesday.

November and December can be miserable here, weather wise. It's often rainy and windy, which means lots of puddles and mud and a very dirty dog (she gets two showers a day, by the way). We're at 47.3º N, which is about the same latitude as Québec and Seattle in North America.

We also have the winter high pressure phenomenon. That means that the weather map can show bright sun, but when we look outside we see that we're completely fogged in. The high pressure traps the morning's condensation on the ground and the sun just isn't strong enough to burn it off. Those are very still, gray days.

But every once in a while a front pushes through and, like Wednesday, there are breaks in the clouds letting some sun peek in. There are, of course, other days that are just bright and sunny, but they're few and far between in these last two months of the year.


  1. Wow, you even baked the buns??? They must be tasty! Your veggie burgers sound delicious. My sister and her husband are vegetarians... I'd love to have a better idea of how to put all of those ingredients together to make those veggie burgers. What do you bind them with?

    Hope your weekend has some fireside warmth and sun in it :)


  2. judy, they were good. By now I'm sure you've seen Ken's blog where he describes the burgers.

  3. Hi Judy, you don't need egg or any other binder in the veggie burger mixture. The beans and corn meal hold it together very well. Ken


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