Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Solstice Dinner

On Sunday we had a busy day (for us). That means that we were invited out to a party, needed to stop at a bakery for bread, and had to get home to prepare our traditional Walt's Birthday Dinner.

Our house label, Château les Bouleaux. I drew the little picture of our house back in 2003.

Since one cannot go to a party empty-handed, we had to think of something to take to our hosts. They are a mixed couple (French man/English woman) that we see every now and then. We met them both when they were with previous partners, but there has been some shifting around and they've been together now for a few years.

An empty wine glass. Not empty for long...

We could have taken flowers (boring) or chocolates, but we ended up getting a little earthenware tray. Since it was also his birthday, I wanted something a little more. So I bottled up some of the ratafia de coings (quince liqueur) that I had made last holiday season, whipped up a little label on the computer, and took that along.

Steak au poivre and frites, the tradition continues!

The party was fun, but we only stayed a couple of hours. Once home, we changed into more comfortable clothes, opened a bottle of sparkling Vouvray, and made our dinner. Very tasty, as it is every year.


  1. Bit risky, pausing to photograph steak and chips wasn't it? I hope the quality of the meal was not impaired just so we could share vicariously.

  2. "So beau-teeeeeee" (pronounced like "bew-teee") as my dad used to say :))

    It warms your heart :)

    Great drawing of the house, Walt! Do you use that when you bottle wine that you've bought in larger containers?

    Merry Christmas Eve's Eve to you both, too!

  3. Love that label! Your birthday dinner makes my mouth water. I laughed when I read the term, "mixed couple".

  4. Why does all of that description make me want to run RUN RUN to France to stay with you. We had all kinds of plans for the weekend...but the snow and ice took care of every single one of them. Happy holiday week to you guys. Take good care.
    PS--Question....can a mostly vegetarian dude make it well in France?/ I hope so!

  5. I love a beautiful table.

    Despite years of study of wine, French Wine intimidates me. The good ones seem so expensive; I know of good wines not too expensive from every land - but France.
    I hear tell Loire has lovely whites for fish - and the best Rose - but goodness knows how to find them.

  6. What a great day you all had..my husband loves Steak au poirve..

    Your drawing is a brilliant idea..lovely present as well.

  7. Oh man, I want to eat that dinner right now! Steak with pepper sauce and a nice bottle of wine... wait, stop, focus... I need to think about American food! Cheeseburgers and beer, there all better.

  8. susan, nope, it was delicious!

    judy, oh we don't bother with labels for the stuff we drink ourselves! Happy Ho Ho to you, too!

    evelyn, I knew you'd recognize it...

    alewis, I saw that you guys got dumped on. Ugh. It's hard to be a vegetarian in France, but not impossible.

    ur-spo, there are plenty of great wines in France that aren't expensive. I'm not sure about in Phoenix, though.

    anne, it was great fun!

    justin, I'd have a good cheeseburger. I think I'll make some for lunch next week!


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