Thursday, December 04, 2008

Periodic Puppy Pics

It's been a while since the last PPP. Wednesday afternoon brought a little sunshine, so I went out with Callie and the camera. She got muddier than hell, but then there's nothing but water and mud out there right now.

Callie waiting at the back gate with a "stick."

Border collies love to have a job to do, and Callie has determined (with a little encouragement from her humans) that one of her jobs is to bring a stick home from every walk. At first the sticks were kind of normal, but now that she's collected all of those, she's had to find something else.

Fortunately, we live in a vineyard. Every fall and winter, the workers pull up dead and dying stumps of old vines and pile them at the end of each row. They're often replaced with healthy vines. Callie will pick up what seems to me to be the heaviest stump she can carry and take it back home.

Our yard is littered with dozens of these old vine stumps now. They'll go into the firewood pile this spring.


  1. Walt

    Callie is doing her share to keep the fire going during those cold winter days :-)

  2. I think you should start raising sheep. They could go on your walks with you, and Callie could supervise.

  3. I know first-hand that Callie is a sweetie! So, no meal plans for Monday the 8th? Ok, gotta work on that! (I'll be working at home in case you feel like calling... or faxing me some pate or fromage.) Bon weekend!

  4. beaver, a useful skill indeed!

    chris, i do enjoy lamb now and then...

    cheryl, oh, we've been working on that, but we're missing one ingredient...

  5. Oh, and the 21st is taken care of... steak au poivre, I believe.


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