Sunday, December 07, 2008

Vineyard Color

The brown of the winter vineyard can get a bit tiring. But all is not brown. There is a lot of green out there all winter. The grassy plants stay green, and even get greener, all through the season. Not to mention the evergreen trees and shrubs that surround the vines.

Yellow flowers still managing to bloom in December.

But while brown and green are the predominant colors of our winter, there are still spots of livelier color if you know where to look for them. Sometimes you have to look very closely.

White qualifies as a color around here.

I'm not very patient with the camera when it's cold outdoors (not that I'm that much more patient when it's warm). I seldom lug the tripod along when I'm walking the dog. But I should, because I'd end up with many fewer blurry photos, especially the close-ups.

Little orange berries. LOBs pour les intimes.

But this isn't work, and I have no obligation other than to myself, and I'm essentially lazy. Most of my energy these days goes to yard maintenance, dog walking, cooking and eating. I occasionally clean the house, too. I've become much more tolerant of dust than I once was.

Oh, and the internet. Reading, gawking, searching, and this little blog thing, which is just over three years old now.


  1. Your yellow flowers and the white fluffy seedheads are some sort of Sow Thistle. (If you ever need to make friends with a donkey, they love being fed Sow Thistle.) The LOBs are some sort of Nightshade type Solanum, so probably more or less poisonous.

    I can't remember the last time I dusted. I do occasionally wipe things down, but mostly I just recall Quentin Crisp's observation that the dust doesn't get any thicker after 4 years.

    BTW, les miches magnifiques ! :-))

  2. Quentin Crisp wrote that when the dust got too thick he climbed on a chair to put his pants on.

    Heloise is spinning in her grave.

  3. Walt, thanks for the email. I'm happy to have discovered your photography. I'm afraid that my photography bug comes and goes...and that the camera actually stays packed away in the closet much of the time. But when I get it out...oh boy...look out. I love your close-ups. The withered grapes is one of my favorite shots so far. Cheers for a great Sunday.

  4. Beautiful bursts of colour, xv.

  5. susan, thanks for the plant names. It always helps to know.

    carolyn, hehehe. Heloise could come over and dust...

    Alewis, thanks for stopping by and for the kind words!

    vicki, they seem even more vivid when they are alone among all the brown.


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