Sunday, December 14, 2008

Saturday Sunrise

Here's a look out the kitchen window on Saturday morning at sunrise. A weather system was moving in and these clouds were the advance forces.

View from the kitchen with our neighbor's house across the street.

The rain began mid-morning and there's a chance of it turning to snow sometime on Sunday. We shall see. **UPDATE - no chance of snow reported now. It warmed up a bit.

A close-up.

These colors only last a few seconds while the sun is below cloud level. After that, the sky goes back to gray.


  1. Now that is what I call a sunrise! I vote that is how every morning should look.

  2. Holy cow, those are some fab photos!

    Hey, Walt, will you two be doing un sapin?


  3. those are lovely
    I enjoy a good sky painting as my mother called them.

  4. justin, that makes two votes!

    judy, yes, we'll get one. Most of them around here are small, about 4 ft. But that suits us fine. I'll probably have photos...

    ur-spo, thanks! I've never heard that term for them. You must have a lot of skies like that in AZ.

  5. Great photos, Walt!


  6. OMG these photos are amazing! Sigh, I wish I lived somewhere glamorous like France.

  7. bettyann, merci!

    evol, but you live in Melbourne, Australia! That sounds glamorous to me!


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