Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Periodic Puppy Pics

If you've followed my blog for while, you know our dog Callie. She's our second dog (Collette died in 2006 after close to fourteen years with us) and she'll be two years old in February.

What are you looking at?

You also know that she's a border collie and has no fear of a little wet weather or puddles. In fact, I think she really enjoys splashing around in mud puddles. Here is the proof. She needs a bath after nearly every walk to rinse the mud and gunk off.

My question is this: will she grow out of this or are we in for the long haul? I suspect I already know the answer.


  1. What a cutie pie! I have no idea whether she'll outgrow it....I think that border collies are meant to be in the outdoors, rounding up, running through the fields. I'm sure she loves it! I know that our little Mason (white maltipoo) is a mess in the winter time....regularly.

  2. Walt

    Thanks for the clock on the RHS - it's good to check for the right time in France.

  3. alewis, I think you're right! And Mason is a cutie, too!

    beaver, you're welcome!

  4. Looks to me more like "you wimp - come on in, the water's fine"

    I suspect your suspicion (assuming it's the suspicion I suspect it is) is correct. I would be getting used to it if I was you :¬)

  5. Beware The Beaver, for some reason the clock shows the time here in SoCal and not the one it's supposed to! Check if yours shows the time in Montréal.

  6. Now it shows the right time in Saint-Aignan. Go figure!

  7. Don't you love it when they look at you as if to say "......what?"

  8. simon, I'm resigned to it.

    chm, don't know why that happened.

    evol, really. Sometimes I think they know more than they let on.


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