Sunday, August 16, 2009


These are the first aubergines that we harvested from this year's vegetable garden. You can see what we did with them here (if you haven't already):

Aubergines, called eggplant in American English.

The plants are covered with many more, so we're hoping that the weather will be kind so they can mature. These, by the way, were delicious.

Ken and I stopped at a garden center near Romo on Wednesday and picked up some seeds for next year: more aubergine, radishes, courgette, and some roma tomatoes. I'm already anxious for next spring!


  1. Thanks for more aubergine photos :)

    By the way, I never mentioned it, but I loved that side photo you had of the colors on the ground from a stained-glass window in Normandy (right?). Lovely!

    Congrats on the BBQ-sans-pluie!


  2. They look delicious and I love the color. As always you have great taste.
    Happy Twirls

  3. I used to grow some light purple with white stripes. they were very pretty.
    Eggplant parm - yum !

  4. Congrats on the healthy harvest.

  5. judy, thanks. Like I said the other day, whenever I visit a church, I look for these patterns on the floor. That one was one of the best I've seen so far.

    libby, they were very good!

    urspo, we have one plant that's white with purple stripes. And I love eggplant parm, so I'll have to make some...

    mark, thanks!


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