Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Chez Constant

This is one of St.-Aignan's restaurants. It's on the town's market square and is always very inviting. During the summer months they have a terrace out on the square with tables where you can have a drink early in the evening or dinner later. It's also open for lunch, at least on market day.

Chez Constant on Place de la Paix.

We've had drinks here a time or two, but we've only eaten here once. We were a group of at least six people and we had a raucous time in the dining room. There were only one or two other customers that evening, so I don't think we felt bad about being a bit loud.

Set up for drinks on market day.

The food wasn't spectacular, if my memory serves, but it wasn't bad, either. I remember somebody having andouillette, then not liking it when he found out what it was. I have no memory of what I ate that night (it was back in Spring 2006).


  1. Hey Walt,
    The outdoor square reminds us of the many spring/autumn glasses of rose we had in places such as Chinon, Arles and other many smaller French villages.
    We will return.
    Leon & Sue.
    PS. Winter downunder is approaching spring.

  2. Too many great meals have passed since 2006. How can you remember one that probably wasn't great? The restaurant is utterly charming looking, though. Kind of like the Shadowbrook in Capitola or a restaurant like that--where you pay for the charm a bit more than the food, I think.

  3. It really is inviting. I'm not fond of andouillette, either.

  4. I agree with Starman. It does look really inviting. Definitely the sort of place we've been attracted to in so many French towns. I can just imagine the food, the waiter, the people-watching. A great pastime, French restaurants. But I wouldn't choose the andouillette either.

  5. I hope you are welcome in town? you are one of the townsmen?

  6. leon & sue, if you're approaching spring, that means we're approaching... no! I can't bear to think of it!

    victor & judy, very, but we don't go there much.

    ginny, so true.

    starman, I'm not a big fan either, although I have eaten them as a guest in other people's homes.

    jean, the part in the photo is the bar, and there's always someone in there!

    urspo, yes we are. But I have a feeling being "one of the townsmen" has some other meaning I'm not aware of...


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