Friday, August 14, 2009

Periodic Puppy Pics

It's been a while since Callie's last appearance here, although she has been making cameos over on Ken's blog lately. So, without further ado, here she is:

Callie relaxing on the deck on a summer's afternoon.

Sometimes she looks like a deer caught in headlights in photos. In real life her eyes are very active and expressive and they always betray her doggy emotions. On this day she was relaxing with us on the deck so I grabbed the camera for about a dozen shots.

A wider shot.

She just watched me as if to say, "There he goes again with that thing. I'll just sit here and look pretty."


  1. Seeing those lovely photos reminded Euan (my son) and me of our visit and how Callie didn't like him wearing his hat. And then she seemed not too keen on my father's walking stick. Callie is such a playful and lovely dog!


  2. Hi Callie, can't wait to run and play with you around your yard. Lets see how much trouble we can get into together. It'll be great fun.

  3. Such a beautiful dog. You should post her picture every single day because I said so!

  4. Her eyes make her look surreal. Like a stuffed animal. So adorable.

  5. Rather a look of Garbo, perhaps?

  6. Lovely pictures! Yes "l'oiseau fait son nid" but since you are cutting the wood and Ken canning, freezing... you remind me of "la cigale et la fourmi" you guys being the "fourmi". Who will be the "cigale"?

  7. Her expression in the top picture (click to see the larger version) is amazing. It's like you just told her that in some cultures people eat dogs.

  8. She is a beauty! Thanks for posting this.

  9. What great pictures of Callie. Does she still have her own wood pile?

  10. Thanks.....she's so beautiful....Casey the black and white border collie from CaseysWorlds...sends a big hello to her.

    Victoria, Bellingham, WA

  11. caroline, I'm so sorry that Euan was a bit frightened. Callie does like to play, but she doesn't understand that some people don't - and we have some neighbors that don't appreciate her affections!

    lulu, Callie told me she's looking forward to your visit!

    sean, your wish is my command. See the sidebar: All Callie All The Time.

    tornwordo, if only she didn't shed so much (like a stuffed animal)!

    autolycus, just maybe...

    nadege, I'm more of the cigale around here!

    john, yes, but they must learn at an early age. The flip side is, in some cultures, dogs eat people...

    paris style, merci!

    mark, I agree!

    sue, the wood pile is gone (stacked away), but she will likely build another one this winter when the vines are pruned.

    victoria, you're welcome!

  12. Ummm... I vote for taking the L'Assomption holiday off.

    I wish there were more noise restrictions here. We have noise restrictions regarding hours.... not before 8 am and not after (je ne sais pas). But I wish they would designate a day to be lear-blower-free and lawn-mower-free. Chainsaws don't seem to be much of an issue here in Silicon Valley. :)

  13. Callie looks great. Is she still on a diet? Martine

  14. What a beautiful girls she is!
    I like canines better than humans.

  15. cheryl, I took your advice!

    martine, no diet, just less food. :)

    stephen, sometimes, so do I.

  16. What's that about dogs and their owners looking alike?......


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