Saturday, August 22, 2009

Eggplant On The Vine

So far this year looks good for eggplant. You saw our first harvest a while back. Now we're getting ready for the second harvest. Up first, some of the white aubergine:

A few of the white aubergines visible on the plant.

We didn't know that there would be any white ones. Last year we had a seed packet that was mixed eggplant: fat purple, skinny purple, and white. None of them worked, but I had a few seeds left over and I planted them again this year along with a fresh packet of skinny purple eggplant seeds.

More purple aubergines on the way.

When the seeds came up this spring, they really thrived. As I transplanted them out into the garden, it was clear that one of the plants looked different from all of the others. It turned out to be one of the white eggplant seeds from the previous year.

We'll be harvesting these real soon.


  1. Wish I could have been there last night to meet Jean and Nick. We communicate a lot through our blogs. I would have loved to meet them! If you see them again, please say hallo for me. Martine

  2. Wow they look amazing, I have never seen white ones before, until this morning that is on the French Market ..! :-) and now here.

  3. Martine, we really enjoyed getting to know Jean and Nick a little -- and Lulu. I know you would really like them too. We hope to see them again when they come back to France in October.

  4. martine, as Ken said, we had a very nice visit.

    anne, we're going to cook with the white ones today. It'll be interesting.

  5. Eggplant was always my sister's request for her birthday dinner. She loved it...fried in the skillet with bacon grease. That was the old days in Idaho, I'm afraid.


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