Saturday, August 29, 2009

Escape !

I thought this was funny. It's as though one of the grape vines is trying to escape from its row into the wilds of the woods, trying to sneak away while no one is looking.

I'm gettin' outta here!

The vines are pruned during the growing season to help channel the plant's energy into the fruit. It's done by machines mounted on tractors. The blades cut tendrils on either side and on top of the vine.

But a tendril that grows out the end of a row won't be cut. And this vine figured it out.


  1. .....This scares me because.....Have you ever heard of a book called The Ruins? It's about a group of Tourists in Mexico who get trapped on an ancient ruin inhabited by a flesh eating vine. Totally scary book (which was adapted into a totally awful movie).....

  2. Busy weekend, indeed.

    Are you sure you've forgotten to drink a glass or two of wine between chores?

  3. Chm

    I am pretty sure that a bottle of rosé will be a "dead soldier" by the end of the day.

    A votre santé Walt :-)

  4. Very funny, Walt :)) It DOES look that way, doesn't it??


  5. Beaver, I betcha that bottle will be on life support by mid-afternoon! :-)

  6. ...and that bunch of other stuff he's already forgotten will be stay just a dim memory from the distant past.

  7. Hey Walt (and Callie) - Ken went to the store. He'll be back in a few minutes. Guard the house!

  8. LOL @ John H
    Vous autres, I have it on good authority that there will be plenty of dead soldiers this weekend.

  9. evol, nope, never heard of it. Book nor movie. But I'm gonna be careful out there this morning...

    chm, thanks for reminding me!

    beaver, hmmmm, you all know me too well.

    judy, walking around that vineyard for over six years does strange things to one's imagination.

    bill, what other stuff? ;)

    john, woof!

    cheryl, I can take credit for one so far. Another was just barely hanging on in the fridge. I just finished it off.


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