Sunday, August 23, 2009


The tomato harvest is going strong right now. We've made a few batches of sauce for freezing, a lot of salsa, and Ken even made ketchup this week. Not to mention all the great ways we've eaten fresh, ripe, juicy tomatoes right out of the garden.

Yellow pointy tomatoes.

We've had tomato/basil/mozzarella salads, plain tomato salads, BLTs, and even tomato and mayo on toasted sandwich bread. There's some pico de gallo in the freezer, and a bunch of stuffed tomatoes, too. We've made many versions of ratatouille. And the 'maters still keep coming!

Some small and medium sized toms.

I suppose that's what happens when you plant thirty-seven tomato plants in your garden. I've been saving seeds from some of the best of them for next year. And I think we'll cut down on the quantity.

The biggest, juiciest sandwich and stuffing tomatoes.

All the tomatoes you see here were picked on Friday. Ken made another batch of salsa with some of the yellow ones. We used one of the big red ones for BLTs again. The rest may become another batch of sauce!


  1. OH GLORY BE!!! I'm on my way over as I type!!!

  2. OH YESSS!

    Fresh, ripe tomatoes(or is it me here, Dan Quayle) are the best thing to come out of a home garden.

  3. i'm sooo jealous...i harvested my entire season's worth of FOUR puny things....and i planted way back in may.....must have crap soil cause i watered regularly

  4. Absolutely amazing! Even when I buy them at the farmer's market they don't seem to be great. I had a few in a salad the other day at a bio restaurant, and they were WONDERFUL, but that's about my only touch with great 'maters this year. Congratulations, and keep on cookin'!


  5. p.s. I just glanced at the "All Callie All the Time" slideshow from the corner of my eye, and it looked like she had a big slice of tomatoe on her paw (it was an orange ball, or something like that). *MDR* TOMATOES ON THE BRAIN!

  6. There's nothing more delicious! I love love love love fresh garden summer tomatoes.

  7. Mmmmm, tomato sandwiches. How about a nice big vat of cream of tomato soup. Freeze it up and it'll be delish in the wintertime with your daily baguette.

  8. Judy, I'll beat Walt to the punch and identify Callie's orange companion as a "Tricky Treat Ball" (treats fall out of a hole as she rolls it around). I figured the color was to make it easier to spot under furniture and in corners, but perhaps tomatoes were the inpiration.

  9. Mad-jealous ! I would kill kill KILL for this!

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  11. tornwordo... there are a plethora of recipes on the net for cream of tomato soup using fresh tomatoes. Can you tell us your favorite recipe? Thanks!

  12. It was so rainy and chilly in New Hampshire in June and July that our tomatoes didn't start to ripen until just before our trip out west. We're hoping there are many more to come after we get home at the end of the month. Yours look wonderful.

  13. leesa, hurry up, we need help eating them all!

    bill, haha! Every time I type that I think of Dan Quayle. His legacy lives on...

    melinda, we've had seasons like that. It's frustrating!

    judy, thanks! And john h. answered the question about Callie. It was a gift.

    alewis, me too!

    tornwordo, cream of tomato soup sounds wonderful. Thanks for the idea!

    john, and she still loves that ball. She wants to roll it around almost every day, right after breakfast. It's like dessert!

    urspo, well, you may need therapy for that... ;)

    cheryl, I hope he does...

    will, good luck. I've been reading a little about your trip here and there. Sounds fun!

  14. I'm sitting on my couch right now....exhausted from canning 30 pounds worth of tomatoes. They were big and beautiful and made the best pasta sauce. But I'm done for the year. I'm sure we'll really appreciate the sauce this winter.

    Try toast, cream cheese (if you can get it), fresh sliced tomatoes on top with salt and pepper. It's my favorite summer breakfast.

    Victoria, Bellingham, WA

  15. oh, yum, victoria... will run to the store Tuesday am for cream cheese. This sounds fabulous!

  16. What a bounteous harvest! I am truly enjoying the cherry and grape tomatoes from my neighbor's garden.

    Tomatoes - what sunshine tastes like. :-)

  17. Mark--that should be the slogan of the National Tomato Growers' Association!


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