Thursday, August 13, 2009

Local Color

So here's the Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher series winding down. I really had a good time taking and posting the photos, researching (but not too much) some of the history, and reading your comments.

A lamp post and street planter in the town center.

There's so much more that I could photograph and show you in and around St.-Aignan, and I probably will over time. Not to mention that there are so many little towns and châteaux around this region.

Somebody in town enjoys all things blue.

My basic problem is that I'm a homebody. I really don't like going out and about a lot, even when I have a good time. I'm just not motivated to leave the house and garden. Go figure.

No Parking; Speed Limit 15 kph.

So now I have to find other subjects for the blog. Back to the yard and garden, or the vineyard. We're past mid-summer now, and things are changing out there. I'll see what I can find.

A parting shot of St.-Aignan's church. Notice the little flying buttress on the lower right.


  1. How about a great close up shot of Callie?

    Loved the local pictures.

    I know what you mean about being a too! I just got back from a trip to Maryland and DC. AAAAAh it's good to be home again. I missed my home and my garden.....not to mention my Border Collie...Casey.

    Victoria, Bellingham, WA

  2. I have really enjoyed the St-Aignan series and have learned a lot about your town. Thanks.
    Perhaps if you run short of stuff to do in the middle of winter you could choose another town to show us round ?? !!

  3. It has been really good to see all those photos of St Aignan and to read your blog! Thank you!

    I enjoy being home too but am feeling increasingly that I want my home to be elsewhere. Our garden is just too small and there are too many people here in the centre of Reading. It is one of the reasons I so enjoy reading about St Aignan because it reminds me of a much less hectic life and some great times during holidays!

    Look forward to what is coming next on your blog!


  4. I love the photo of the light coming through the stained glass window!!!!

  5. Love that blue! The whole St Aignan series has been quite interesting.
    So, what's the next nearby town you can photograph? I'll put in a plug for Chedigny, not all that close to you, but so pretty. My photos of Chedigny disappoint me, but your photos are always fabulous!

  6. Thanks for all your great photos of SA. I have the same photo of "all things blue". I love it!


  7. Get a good air mattress, Walt, Callie will appreciate it too!

    It's been so cloudy here lately and will be for a few more days. No chance of seeing the meteor showers, boo hoo!


  8. Sorry you missed the meteors, but happy that Callie liked the tent- she comes from a shepherding family so she should take to camping.

    Your Saint Aignan series is my favorite so far. Perhaps you will do one on the viaduct at Milau someday or Puy Dome...

  9. Like you I am a homebody. I have to say though that if you have to get out I don't think you could find a lovelier town to visit. I have really enjoyed your SA series.

  10. re: the "all things blue" photo, even if its not my taste, I give points to someone who picks a theme and runs with it!

  11. I understand your reluctance to get out and about, we "older" gentlemen tend to be that way. However, now that we've seen St.-Aignan-sur-Cher in the summer, perhaps you could do a winter series?

  12. As always...I appreciate the pics.
    I use sweet potato vive for an instant fix when ever I need to fill a space.

  13. victoria, how did you know that's what I had planned?

    jean, that's a possibility.

    caroline, country life has its plus sides!

    evol, thanks! I try to take one of those every time I go into a church. That one came out particularly well.

    carolyn, I should check it out. Thanks.

    bettyann, I don't even know who lives there, but as you know they're right smack in the middle of town.

    evelyn, you never know!

    kendall, thanks. I do get out more than I let on...

    mark, I agree!

    starman, that's an interesting idea, but I'm thinking of the cold...

    stephen, I'm not sure what that means...


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