Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Late Summer

We've been having a great summer this year. Maybe you're tired of hearing about it. But our last two summers have been duds, so we're constantly amazed as the weather stays warm and dry for months on end.

A field of Queen Anne's Lace and other wild flowers.

Really, it's been pretty nice since March. I remember sitting outside in the sun in a t-shirt back on March first. We've spent a lot of time outdoors this year, and our garden is continuing to produce copious amounts of tomatoes and eggplants, not to mention all the greens we've had, the corn we're about to harvest, and the rest.

A close-up in the sun.

Out in the vineyard, the grapes are ripening. In another the month the harvest will be under way. And right now the carotte sauvage (Queen Anne's Lace) is abundant in the fields between the vineyards. It's a sure sign of late summer.

More carotte sauvage.

As fall gets under way, the seeds will form and the stalks will dry up. And they're really beautiful when they're dry, too. But right now they're spectacular. My photos don't capture all the subtleties in the fields of Queen Anne's Lace out behind our house, but maybe you get the idea.


  1. These pictures are beautiful Walt.
    Maybe this summer reminds you of California weather (minus the San Francisco fog).
    I guess Ken and you don't have arthritis, feeling the rain coming (LOL).

  2. It's been a fabulous summer here, too, weather-wise... the nicest I can remember in St. Louis, honestly. I just can't believe I've been back at work for three weeks already, and it's STILL August :))) Great!


  3. I love the longer shadows, the change in the shade of blue in the sky, the entirely different feel to the air......

  4. We're on the west coast, in the middle of an 11 day visit, enjoying great weather here and reveling in all the different trees, shrubs and flowers that grow in Oregon and are unknown on the east coast.

    Your photos are lovely, Walt--particularly the contrast of amber and lavender tones.


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