Sunday, November 04, 2012

A big name for a little house

This small townhouse in Le Grand-Pressigny shares its name with one of the biggest and grandest of the Loire Valley châteaux: Chambord. I like the typical lace curtain in the window. Curtains like this are mass-produced and often sold from a large roll. The pattern is such that the curtain can be cut to almost any length.

It does say "little." Click on the picture to see the curtain in more detail.

So this wraps up my photos from LG-P for now. Not bad for a half-hour walk in the rain.


  1. I LOVE those curtains! "the little raspberry"; chambord and champagne!

  2. That sign over the door makes me smile everytime I pass it!
    It is a little jewel of metalwork... and so obviously clearly states that "every Frenchman's home is his chateau"...

  3. Sympa- yes our homes become our castles and are less drafty than the real chateaux.

    1. And less costly to upkeep!
      No.4 is a small corner cottage... a 14KW woodburner would heat it adequately... how many are needed to provide warmth to Le Grand Chambord I wonder??

  4. how UNDERSTATED is that sign!
    I loved it...
    less is certainly more

  5. I've enjoyed your rainy stroll quite thoroughly :)

  6. anne marie, we some some similar, but without the little houses on them. :)

    tim, for sure!

    evelyn, smaller rooms!

    john, very unpretentious, no?

    judy, thanks!

    starman, hehehe.


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