Monday, November 05, 2012

And speaking of Chambord

Here it is, what I like to call the grand-daddy of all the Loire Valley châteaux. I was there a week ago with some friends who were in town from California. We didn't go inside but took a leisurely walk around the exterior.

Chambord castle on a mostly sunny afternoon last week. Notice how tiny the people are off to the right.
Click on the picture to royalize... you really want to.

Before our walk, we ate lunch at one of the little places among the souvenir shops on the grounds. The plat du jour was a chicken tagine which my friends ordered. I had a galette (savory crêpe) stuffed with cheese and ham and a green salad along side. Tasty!

Just before lunch, I took C. and A. to one of our local wine co-ops for some tasting. I needed to buy some wine and I thought they'd enjoy tagging along. We tasted at least four wines: two sauvignon blancs, a gamay, and a côt. Then we bought a bunch.


  1. Lovely pic Walt...
    I know I've refered to the 'big place' as Sham-bored, but this picture is super... it puts the chateau in proportion to the landscape and it doesn't appear so Gormenghastly.
    Lovely 'rule of thirds' positioning too.

    I could grow to like it... possibly... given time... being paid to would help...

  2. à votre prochaine visite, essayez la découverte du château par le canal en canot électrique ; ab fab !

  3. Walt that is a gorgeous photo of the chateau...if you had not mentioned that the blips on the right were actual people I would not have realised...gave me the appreciation of how LARGE the chateau really is...thanks for posting.

  4. well blow me down! this castle puts the biltmore in asheville NC to shame! impressive!

    and I second virginiac ^; people off to the side for perspective!

  5. Your crêpe "sounds" delicious!!!!!


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