Friday, November 16, 2012

I see you

I was up on the ramparts of the Château de Blois taking pictures when I noticed this pair of women down below. The one on the left was taking a photo of her friend on the right. Just as I pointed my camera toward them, the woman with the camera pointed hers up at me. When she saw me she burst out laughing and I snapped this.

The stairway is part of a street called La Rampe des Fossés du Château.

Unfortunately, the woman on the right started moving, so she's a blur. Just before she moved, she looked up to see what her friend was laughing at. Had I been quicker with the shutter button, I might have captured that.


  1. Nice bit of "streetphotography", Walt... it is the theme of this weeks Pentax User competition... but I haven't seen anything to grab as an entry this week... to busy here!

  2. A moment shared with a smile is special

  3. Very cute!! Loved the angle of the stairs with the upward view.

  4. Everyone gets so despondent when daylight savings time goes back to regular time; why doesn't some clever person suggest that they just keep it going?


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