Sunday, November 18, 2012

Just the top

The tower in the background of this view is part of the Cathédrale Saint-Louis de Blois. I wasn't over there on this visit, but I have gone inside in the past. It's a big building, built high on the riverbank, but Blois' cathedral is not as well-known as the high Gothic cathedrals in Paris, Chartres, Bourges, and elsewhere. It was constructed in the late Gothic style, between the end of the seventeenth and the early eighteenth centuries.

A peek at the single tower of Blois' cathedral.

The cathedral is on the up-river side of the city's center, while the château is on the down-river edge. To get from one to the other on foot requires some climbing up and down the steep streets and stairways of central Blois.


  1. Love this photo...the tower seems to be playing Peek-a-boo with the other rooftops.
    Also love The Image of the Week....Aaaack it's Thanksgiving week!

  2. Yes, I can relate to your Aaaack caption - I have two big dinners to contribute a side dish for and I still have ambivalence about what to prepare. Perhaps that man was worrying that I would be taking my roasted brussels sprouts?

  3. The red brick in this photo is really striking in the way it punctuates the rooftops. Will you have a big celebration in France for Thanksgiving?

  4. virginiac, thanks. That gargoyle is on display inside the château. I'm sure there of millions of this same picture all over the world!

    mary, I love roasted brussels sprouts!

    bill, no, just dinner at home with a couple of friends. Very low key, but fun!


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