Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Can you see it?

There's a hot-air balloon in this picture. I didn't have the long zoom lens on, so it's kind of small, but it's there, just beyond and to the right of the cathedral tower in the distance. I was at the top of the grand external staircase in the Blois castle when I saw it.

Rooftops, chimneys, and a balloon.

The roof on the left is the medieval Salle des Etats Généraux, a large gathering hall where the king held court. It was built in the early thirteenth century. The roof on the right is part of the Louis XII wing of the castle, built of red brick and stone in the Flamboyant style of Gothic architecture (late fifteenth century).


  1. Hi Walt,
    Really like historic roof photos. There is so much to see architecturally, if you get the chance to visit. Great photo and hot-air balloon too!

  2. It's great that even up at the roof line, where one normally can't even see things, it's decorated beautifully.

  3. Great shot! Have fun at the lab.
    Some medical "authority" over
    here issued word the other day
    that fasting pre-draw is not
    really necessary. We'll see if
    the docs/labs accept that.

  4. I will be at the lab in a couple of weeks for a lot of bloodwork (really only 1 draw, I'm just asking for lots of tests). It will be my first Medicare Physical and benchmark testing - hooray! Low cost and I have been well, so I am not expecting anything but good news. I hope that is your hope as well!

    Aren't there a lot of balloon enthusiasts in France? Whenever I read a contemporary non-fiction story about expats in France, there is usually a chapter on ballooning.

  5. I'm not sure I would have noticed the balloon if you hadn't pointed it out. Good luck at the vampire's!

  6. ivan, thanks! I always enjoy roof lines, and skylines, too!

    judy, amazing!

    sheila, here they say to fast, but only six hours before the draw. Since they take blood in the morning it's just a matter of going in before breakfast (or, in my case, lunch).

    mary, there are a lot of companies in this area that sell balloon rides. We see them all the time in season. Curiously, I've never done it!

    starman, thanks... all done!

    jon, lol!


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