Monday, November 19, 2012

New windows

These windows were made in the nineteenth century (they're practically new!) for the Catherine de Médicis oratory at the Château de Blois. I can't find much else out about them, except that they supposedly depict Catherine de Médicis in mourning.

More stained glass!

I would have liked a better photo, from farther back, but there were a bunch of people around and I didn't want to wait very long, so I settled for this close-up. I still had to wait a bit while other visitors admired the windows.


  1. Oh, yes, I so clearly see the likeness to every other painting of Catherine de Médicis ;)

  2. Oh how I LOVE stained glass windows! I could live in a house of these beautiful windows. So peaceful.

  3. So beautiful, such clarity also. Well captured.

  4. They're very nice, but she doesn't look like she's in mourning. Didn't they wear black when they were in mourning in those days?

  5. Beautiful photo. Why are the two outer windows on an angle? Is this an alcove of some kind?

  6. judy, lol! Yes, amazing how she looks like a greek goddess!

    ron, We had one made for our San Francisco house. Certainly not as elaborate as these, but nice. I was sorry to leave it behind; it was sold with the house.

    ivan, :)

    starman, chm replied that the royalty actually wore white... but I don't see his comment here... it must have gone somewhere else!

    michael, :)

    dean, yes, it's like a bay window that juts out from the building. Good eye!


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