Tuesday, November 13, 2012

La Chapelle Saint-Calais

Just off the courtyard inside the Château de Blois is what remains of the royal chapel built under King Louis XII in the late fifteenth century. Most of the building was demolished when the castle's classical wing was constructed about two-hundred and fifty years later.

The Saint-Calais chapel's brightly painted vaulted ceiling.

The stained glass windows currently in the chapel are quite modern; they date from 1957. There's another curiosity inside the chapel that I'll talk about tomorrow...

A portion of the 20th century stained glass work.


  1. That ceiling is fantastic. I wonder why I don't have one like it?

    There's so much light in these photos that it makes me appreciate the modern kind of stained glass more. I like the deep colors of traditional stained glass, but they don't let the light in the way these do.

  2. You are lucky ! The light is great and you've captured all the colours . Our pictures didn't come out that nice. Awaiting for your surprise :-)

  3. I hope you didn't get a sore neck and shoulder from shooting that first photo. Remember last year's neck injury from working on the garden edge!? ;) Martine

  4. Fantastic photo of the ceiling...also loved the beautiful stained glass window.

  5. Hi, really stunning chapel and photos! So much light!

  6. Gorgeous! Perfect timing as we were just discussing stained glass windows in French cathedrals Monday in class - I will share this photo tomorrow in class. Did you use your zoom to get the close-ups? My comment in class was that it was hard for me to distinguish the details in many of the designs in most churches, but these are so clear! Mercy and Merci.

  7. carolyn, true. I've been to Chartres on overcast days and it's almost disappointing. The place is dark and imposing in those conditions.

    judy, :)

    t.b., I suspect you already know what it is...

    kristi, thanks!

    martine, not to worry, taking pictures is less strenuous than trimming hedges!

    virginiac, glad you liked them!

    starman, merci!

    ivan, we were lucky with a little bit of sun that afternoon.

    mary, I was using the 18-55mm zoom lens that day. I have a longer zoom, but I didn't take it in with me. Even in that light, I probably would have needed the tripod with the longer lens.

  8. What a marvelous ceiling and I love your POV here. I"m constantly amazed at all the exquisite churches in France.

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