Thursday, November 08, 2012

Chambord no more

This is the last one for now. Another view of the "wedding cake" rooftops that characterize this renaissance château. If you pay to go inside, one of things you get to do is climb up onto the terraces at the base of these roofs and wander around. In my opinion, it's one of the best parts of the interior (although, technically it's on the outside).

If you look closely (lower left) you can see people on the rooftop terrace. Click to over-the-topify.

We're still spending a lot of time on the internet reading about the US election results both on the national and the local levels. This was an historic election year on many counts!


  1. Fab photo of the roof. It is the great glory of Chambord (and way better than the interior, as you say).

  2. Great pic of the mad cityscape that is Chambord's roof!

  3. Lovely photo of Chambord's rooftops...again the tiny folks in the photo, made me stare in disbelief!!

  4. Of course, if you don't go inside, you don't get to see the double-spiral staircase. If you've learned about it, and seen photos of it, and you go to Chambord without ever seeing it, you may feel cheated :)

    1. Actually Judy, one of the best ways of seeing the staircase is by looking in through the windows of the cupola on the roof. Anyway, you can't access the roof without going in and up the famous staircase.

  5. This election is satisfying in many ways and I'm basking in its afterglow. If you had waited another year to marry, you'd have had more choices;-) but I can't imagine a better place than Albany in May.

  6. Missed Chambord - but your photos help, Walt!
    How does the double staircase at Blois compare to Chambord? I did get to that Chateau.

  7. It's so plain. It needs some embellishment.

  8. susan, agreed.

    ron ron, thanks!

    virginac, the scale of the place is amazing.

    judy, I don't mean to suggest that people not go inside if they're interested. I've been in more than once and appreciate the place for what it is. It's just that if you're ambivalent and would prefer to see a place that includes furniture or a portrayal of what it might have looked like when inhabited, there are other places more worth the time. :) That said, I love climbing around in the old empty places, even ruins, but I live here and have the time to do it.

    evelyn, an amazing election year, for sure. Getting married in my home town was a deliberate choice. And maybe next year: France!

    mary, it's similar, but huger. There are two spiral stairs that wrap around each other. I'm sure you can find photos on the web!

    starman, n'est-ce pas! LOL

  9. What a magnificent roofline.

    And,yes, those election results are a tremendous relief.


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