Saturday, June 16, 2018

Another restaurant

Still in the same neighborhood, on the rue Vivienne. This is an Italian restaurant called Daroco. It fronts the street, but also has windows into the Galerie Vivienne. Passages and galeries in Paris are the 19th century precursors to shopping malls. They're glass-covered passageways, often between buildings, lined with shops. Their translucent roofs bring light into the galerie while protecting shoppers from the weather.

Part of Daroco's dining room seen through the windows inside the Galerie Vivienne.

I passed by in the morning before the restaurant opened for lunch. I could see the staff inside busily preparing for the day and getting the wood-fired oven ready for pizza making. Yum. But I would not eat here this day.


  1. Loving this tour of your city. Wish I could visit again some day

  2. Looks like a unique restaurant. I hope the chairs are comfortable.

  3. Oooh, does that mean that you ate there another day? Exciting foreshadowing! ;) Very cool photo. These Paris street scenes have been excellent!

  4. local alien, I hope you get the chance!

    mitch, I wonder what it looks like full of diners?

    evelyn, I may never know... lol.

    judy, nope! I didn't eat there at all. But I would... pizza is my favorite food group!


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