Sunday, June 10, 2018

Notre Dame de Paris

And here's the "money shot," probably what most people want to see on these boat tours. It's the back side of the cathedral of Notre Dame, lit up just after sunset. At this point, our boat turned around and headed back toward the Eiffel Tower.

I went up to the boat's upper deck for this shot of Notre Dame.

And here's a bonus shot! The statue is of Sainte Geneviève, the patron saint of the city of Paris. The big glassed-in room at the top of the building to the statue's left is the famous Tour d'Argent restaurant.

The statue of Sainte Geneviève is built on the Pont de la Tournelle between the Left Bank and the Ile Saint-Louis.

After the cruise, we headed back to the ladies' hotel. L and P were hungry, so they and I went to a brasserie just across the street for a late night snack. L had an omelet, P had a bowl of onion soup, and I had a croque monsieur (a grilled ham and cheese sandwich). I got back to my hotel sometime after midnight.

So ended the Saturday portion of the weekend. Next up: Sunday!


  1. Spectacular night skies for photos.

  2. A getaway to Paris with friends was a great reward for all your gardening work!

  3. Ah, these photos for the last few days, with the shades of blue and gold -- they're just wonderful to look at!

  4. all lit up like that, it's lovely

  5. mitch, yes!

    bettyann, and yet, there is still much gardening to do!

    judy, thanks!

    michael, I agree.


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