Saturday, June 02, 2018

My walk to Beaubourg

I took a turn over to the rue Saint-Denis and continued down to the rue Rambuteau which leads directly to the Pompidou Center in the heart of the Beaubourg neighborhood. These are some of the sights I saw along the way.

Mannequins standing outside a clothing shop.

Fancy parasols at an antique shop.

It's all about the nuts.

Le Cavalier Blue. Ken and I ate lunch there once many years ago.


  1. Great shop displays. I love the appearance of a real person among the mannequins in that first shot.

  2. European young men wear much more body-conscious clothes than do men of that age here in the States. It's interesting to see this display. I would also say that matching top and bottom survêtements are never worn --- athletic pants, definitely; hoodies, definitely, but not matching, and much bigger/looser.

  3. By now you've eaten many meals in Paris restaurants. You are good at remembering all those places.

  4. mitch, there are at least two live ones in there!

    judy, matching sweatpants and tops are so '70s! lol

    raybeard, :)

    evelyn, if I remember the place, I usually forget what I ate. :)


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