Monday, June 11, 2018


I woke up on Sunday morning with the idea that I would go back to the place where I lived and went to school in 1981 for a morning coffee and a croissant. The ladies were occupied until after lunch, so I was on my own. I headed over to the Left Bank and the intersection of the rue de Rennes and boulevard Raspail. The school (Alliance Française) is on Raspail just a couple of streets away.

The fountain at the Place Saint-Sulpice and the church towers rising up behind.

I got off the métro at Rennes and walked up to St.-Placide. The neighborhood was stone silent with hardly anybody in the cafés. Not was I was looking for. So I wandered down the rue de Vaugirard and made my way to the square at Saint-Sulpice, just a couple of blocks from the place I lived in 1981. I used to walk through this square and by its impressive fountain on my way to school every day.

Two fountains. The big one, of course, and the green "fontaine Wallace" (on the left) which provides a single stream of drinking water in the center. There are 120 of these public water sources around the city.

Everything was peaceful on this early Sunday morning, and it had rained earlier, so the pavements were all glistening. I walked around the square and took a few photos.


  1. In the old days, fontaines Wallace were fitted with a metal tumbler hanging from a chain so passers-by could drink easily. I don’t know if this convenience still exists.

  2. No place like it. And I love those flowering trees surrounding the plaza. What an incredible experience that must have been for you in 1981.

    1. I think it was! It was for me, that's for sure. And, of course, that's how Walt met Ken :) (Me, too, but I didn't end up marrying him --ha!)

  3. Thanks for these great photos, Walt. It’s been almost a year since we’ve been in Paris and we’re really looking forward to spending two weeks there this summer.

  4. I know I would be taking ten thousand photo, ok I might be exaggerating on the amount of photo's
    Coffee is on

  5. chm, I didn't notice anything like that.

    mitch, it was amazing for a kid from Albany!

    judy, it was an eventful year!

    bettyann, here's hoping you have great weather!

    peppylady, I don't take quite that many, lol!


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