Sunday, June 17, 2018

Le Vaudeville

Here's a restaurant that Ken and I have actually eaten in. It was back in the '90s after going to see Véronique Sanson give a concert at the Olympia. We were looking for a place to eat that was open late, after-hours. We found this place on the rue Vivienne across from the Bourse (the Paris stock exchange) and it was bustling. In fact, the restaurant was packed to the rafters.

Le Vaudeville in the morning. It opens at 8:00am, seven days a week.

It's a big place, but the only tables available, two of them, were in the "non-smoking" section. Ha! Those two tables were completely surrounded by the rest of the restaurant. One didn't need to "light up" to smoke at those tables. Smoke hung thick in the entire dining room. That didn't bother us much, as we had a habit of enjoying cigarettes while on vacation in France (not any more). Since then the law has changed to prohibit smoking inside restaurants. That's a good thing.

Here's a photo that Ken took showing Le Vaudeville as it looked when we ate there in the late '90s.

The restaurant is a full-service brasserie that specializes in fruits de mer (shellfish) and other seafood, but I don't remember what we ate. I do remember that it was good and we had a great experience.


  1. Funny how the more recent photo with its sepia tones looks vintage.

  2. It's amazing to me that the restaurant is still in business -- it seems like restaurants come and go in the U.S.

    Yeah, yeah, you can't smoke inside the restaurants and cafés anymore, sure... except the smokers have taken over the terrasse, which is often somewhat (if not totally) actually enclosed. They've ruined the best seats.

    1. I was thinking exactly that, Judy, as I was reading Walt’s post! :(

  3. mitch, I hadn't noticed that... you're right!

    judy, bettyann, I guess I haven't really noticed that, either.


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