Thursday, June 14, 2018

Le Grand Véfour

Here's a restaurant that I'll probably never dine in (too rich for my blood). It's called Le Grand Véfour, located on the northern end of the Palais Royal. It was established in 1784 by a man named Jean Véfour. In 1953, the restaurant was awarded three Michelin stars under chef Raymond Olivier. After thirty years with three stars, the Véfour was reduced to two stars, but in 2000 chef Guy Martin got the third star back.

Le Grand Véfour, with the garden of the Palais Royal in the background.

The third star was taken away again in 2008. Guy Martin, now quite a celebrity, bought the restaurant in 2011 and remains the Véfour's chef. He hosted a television series on food called Epicerie Fine that ran for 35 episodes, most of which we've seen over the years.


  1. I wonder if Louis-Philippe d’Orléans, a.k.a. Philippe-Égalité, who owned the palace known as Palais Royal, was a regular patron of M. Véfour, before he lost his head in 1793?

  2. Expensive, but still accessible for a special occasion lunch - a prix fixe for entrée, plat, fromage et dessert at 115 euros per person. Of course, then there is the added cost of a fitting bottle of wine!

  3. There was a time we would have felt obligated to go to a place like that. Not anymore. Still, what a location.

  4. chm, good question!

    kiwi, that would have to be a very special occasion!

    mitch, yeah, I know what you mean.


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