Friday, June 08, 2018

Sights along the way

The boat made its way upstream and we enjoyed the ride. Here and there we saw photo opportunities. We sat next to a window facing the Left Bank, and noticed that the window slid open and we could go out onto the deck to take pictures.

I think this is the Pont de la Concorde. You can see the big Ferris Wheel on the right bank. Going upstream, the Right Bank is on the left and the Left Bank is on the right. Got it?

All during the cruise we could hear the live narration of what we were supposed to be seeing. In at least five languages. I could get the French and the English (of course), but there was also Italian and Spanish, I think, and one or two more. They narrator was talented, to say the least.

This is la Caisse des Dépôts and Consignations. Some governmental finance thing. The painting on the wall says, "On the seashore, there was a house." I guess it's art.

And along the way we saw people on the banks of the river having fun. These women were obviously having a real good time. I'm sorry that my photo didn't turn out great, but it gives you the idea.

They were signing, or chanting, or something.


  1. I'm a fan of the Seine River boat tours. Sure, they're touristy, but they are relaxing, and scenic. Wonderful photos!

  2. mitch, we tried to find out if it was a famous quote, with no luck.

    judy, it is a fun time, if you can deal with the crowds. I was with a group, so there was no real waiting in line, except to get off the boat at the end!


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