Monday, June 04, 2018

Balancing act

As my friends finished up their lunch, I enjoyed a glass of wine at a nearby café and watched the people go by. It's one of the best things to do, people-watching in Paris. I noticed a young guy walking by wearing red and blue plaid pants (that looked like pajama bottoms) held up with suspenders over a white tee shirt. Odd, I thought, as he walked back and forth a couple of times.

My friends ate lunch at this crêperie while I had a drink at the café at the far end of the row.

It turns out that he's not a weird dresser, but a street artist and he was preparing for his show. After my friends and I met up and figured out where to go,  we noticed a crowd gathering behind us. Then there was some music and the guy with the funny pants doing acrobatics.

The guy in the funny pants gets his act going.

We watched for a few minutes and then got on our way. Our destination was the Tuileries garden on the other side of the Louvre, a good half-hour walk (or more) from where we were. We were six adults with two kids in tow, and the kids wanted some ice cream. Off we went!

Doing push-ups this way must be difficult!


  1. Another great post from Paris! Makes me wish I could visit

  2. Here, dressed like that, he would have simply been a tourist.

  3. Oh, I do long so for a crepe! If I could find a street kiosk that did fillings of mushroom and onions, it made my jour! (I always got a kick out of waiting for the guy to ask "Sel et poivre?" ("Mais oui, Monsieur! Toujours!")


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