Saturday, July 21, 2018

And the livin' is easy

Summertime. We're enjoying the weather. It's often a little too uncomfortable for sleeping, but that comes with the territory. Last night was nice and cool. Our big rain from Thursday night will start the grass (and weeds) growing again, so I'll likely have to mow before too long. But I get a couple days off from watering the vegetable garden.

The wild chicory is blooming all over the place now.

There are a lot of chores to do, as well. We have to clean out our utility room, something we try to do once or twice a year. The floor gets gritty because that's where the animules enter the house and where Tasha gets cleaned up after a wet walk. I want to clean out the drains to keep them running freely, and we have a drain inspection next week to ensure that there's no rainwater going into the sewer system. I have a dentist appointment and a stress test in a few weeks. The teeth need cleaning and I lost a filling, so that will have to be dealt with. The stress test is a follow-up to my recent visit to the cardiologist for a check-up. All is well, just routine, given my family history.

And this weekend I'm cat sitting for a neighbor again. It's pretty easy, just letting the cat in and out of her house and making sure she's fed twice a day. Otherwise, we're harvesting zucchini and beans from the garden, eating some and processing some for the freezer.


  1. How interesting that you have a drain inspection...and what a good idea. I don't think I've ever heard of that being done anywhere else in the world. Places like Miami would be excellent candidates for such a routine particularly given rising seawaters.

  2. Hoping you pass the stress test!

  3. sheila, we've not had one before. It'll be interesting.

    evelyn, I should study... lol

  4. Your photos remain stunning; I love them so.


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