Saturday, July 28, 2018


The full lunar eclipse started here last night around 21h30. I was just going to bed then. But I got up around eleven and noticed how dark it was outside. I thought, oh, it clouded over, but then I remembered the eclipse and went outside on the deck. There was the moon, mostly covered by the Earth's shadow.

They come in all sizes and many variations in shape and color. This one has nice pink shades at the edges.

I watched a while, then went back to bed. I was too sleepy to deal with getting the camera out to take photos. So you get a wild carrot flower instead.


  1. Lol. Have never seen a carrot flower before. Beautiful

  2. Love Queen Anne's lace, but not familiar with the pink edges- beautiful.

  3. Another beautiful shot. L&L

  4. Haha, Walt, I was soooo counting on you for a beautiful pic of this blood red moon, now, what am I going to do with a carrot flower?? LOL, only joking. We were outside with a bunch of neighbours, waiting for this phenomenon to happen, but it didn't. It did happen of course, but we couldn't see much of it - too cloudy in the end. Oh well, we had a nice evening anyway.

    BTW: that IS a beautiful picture! Which lens did you use?

    1. elgee, I used my 100mm macro lens. Hand-held, f/4.5, 1/250, the camera chose an ISO of 640.

  5. This photo is breathtaking, so I'll forgive you for not getting a shot of the eclipse. I did... handheld; it wouldn't hold a candle to anything you could produce.

  6. anon, thank you!

    local alien, they grow all over this time of year. I also remember them from where I grew up in New York State, USA.

    evelyn, some have the pink, others don't.

    l&l, :)

    elgee, I'm not sure if I missed the red moon or was slightly ahead of it. I didn't stay outside long enough to find out.

    mitch, I was groggy and not dressed, so fiddling with the tripod and changing lenses on the camera was not in the cards. Poor planning, I suppose. ;)


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