Thursday, July 26, 2018

Wilt thou?

It's hot. The kind of hot we're not really used to. Those of you who know desert climates or hot and humid coastal areas would laugh and maybe call us "snowflakes." You would love this weather we're having.  We may be getting close to 90ºF today.

Our daisies are wilting in the summer heat.

We don't have air conditioning, so what we do when it's hot is open all the windows very early in the morning to let the cool morning air flow into the house. In the afternoon, we close the west-facing shutters and windows to keep the heat out. When it's time for Tasha's afternoon walk, we start out with the best of intentions, but normally cut the walk short. It's too hot for a Shetland covered in thick fur. After all, Shetlands and collies were bred up in the northern reaches of England and Scotland where a heat wave is anything above 70ºF. And, apparently, they're having one now.

So we hunker down and stay hydrated. I water the vegetables and herb plants, but not much else. We may miss these "dog days" when they're gone. But September and October can be very pleasant and our hot summer will be but a memory.


  1. Hi "snowflake"! Yes, I do love this weather. I can't have too much of it.

  2. We, like you, are experiencing unusual heat - in the 90's which used to be a singular event for the Seattle area. At least at night it gets down to the high 50's so we start the day cool. Mornings are the time to get something done - afternoons are for reading inside and planning the next non-cooked meal.

  3. I cannot remember a hotter summer than we've had in northern California than this year. It's been over 100 nearly every day in July and most of June, and there's no let-up in the forecast. I feel sorry for people who have to work in the heat.....roofers, painters, farmers. It's really become depressing.

  4. chm, I thought you'd be enjoying it! Be sure to drink water!

    sillygirl, we had that kind of experience in San Francisco, too. The heat never lasted very long before the fog came back in.

    diane, our friend in Auburn, CA, is dealing with the high heat as well. She's kind of used to it, but it's still darned hot!

  5. Phew! Warm here, but not like that. And we've got AC and sea breezes. Sweltering in Amsterdam yesterday. Another place that doesn't get this kind of heat often.


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